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April 6, 2017
Style Indigo positive message T-shirt

I love mixing & matching! Today’s outfit is a great example. Mixing a lot of garments that I’ve purchased in different locations and moment of my life. Those moments in my life that come along with beautiful memories and achieving a very eclectic look by mixing very formal and informal garments.

I’m featuring a t-shirt targeting a positive message that makes people smile every time I wear it! I am also wearing a pair of classic Levi’s 501 which is part of the waterless program. The company (Levi’s) has been working to reduce up to 96% of the water consumption during the denim production. The velvet jacket is from Ben Sherman, a British designer that has sadly closed their women’s line. There are three main reasons why I love this garment. First of all, it is timeless. Second, I bought it while I was living in London and third it was locally made in England.

Style Indigo Mix and Match outfit

Style Indigo Mix and Match outfit

The best part of my outfit today are the accessories. I am a strong believer that good accessories can upgrade your outfit! These shoes I’m wearing, I got them in Italy many years ago. I was a very lucky girl to spend one of my years in college living in Milan. During that year, I invested in this beautiful pair of shoes and a suit that nowadays I still use them both (even though the suit lining requires an urgent replacement). I do keep them both pieces with so much love! Lastly, the clutch comes from a local market in India, I got while visiting the country a couple years ago. The unique craftsmanship makes it an exquisite piece. It is beautifully worked brass with a mosaic of malachite and coral. This type of work is very typical in certain areas of India and Tibet. It was certainly a great purchase!

Style Indigo Mix and Match outfit

Style Indigo Positive t-shirt Indian clutch Italian shoes Levi's 501

I am looking forward to hearing about your favourite accessories. How do you use them? And how would you use and combine them?

Pictures: Mario Panebianco

T-shirt – The Good Life | Trouser – Levi’s | Jacket – Ben Sherman | Shoes – De Mattia | Clutch – Indian bazar