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Velvet combo, a holiday success!

December 28, 2017

Until a few years ago velvet was one of those 80’s fads that looked so old fashion (I also include in this outdated list the shoulder pads and the wrinkled suede boots), actually my sister and I have an old velvet party dress from my mother and we used to make fun of it until not that long ago. Finally, velvet has made a reappearance in the covers of mainstream fashion magazines and the store displays, once more my mother dress looks cool again (I might even wear it for New Year’s Eve)!

Let me share a fashion pearl of wisdom, enjoy this trend while it lasts, it might take another three decades for velvet to be hot again. In the meantime, I am trying to get the most usage out of it and the festive season is the perfect time for the velvet! I recently got this dress (you can check it out here) for a wedding and I love it because you can also wear it as a light coat, which is enough for the Majorcan winter. You already know my admiration for multipurpose and playful clothes, I use there versatility to keep my look fresh without having to overconsume. I actually like it so much that I chose one as my wedding outfit, you can check it out here!!

I combined the coat with a very casual outfit because the coat is already a statement piece and doesn’t require heavy accessorising! I finished the outfit with a pair of velvet heels shoes from 3 summers ago!! You may have seen them on my Instagram, but I believe they are new to the blog. I love the navy velvet combo for the festive season! What do you think? Are you a velvet lover or would rather pass on this trend?

Image: Anna Panic

Coat – Muestrarios | T-shirt – Everlane | Jeans – Levi’s | Clutch – Indian bazaar | Shoes – Camper | Bracelets – Indian bazaar | Earrings – Muestrarios

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