Natural beauty remedies!

June 8, 2018
style Indigo using Olive oil as a natural beauty remedy

The best fashion accessory to any of your looks is a great and healthy hair!! I haven’t carried long hair since I was in high school. For many many years I used to wear a pixie style (many years before it was trendy), which most people think that flatters me a lot! Lately, is growing, and I am trying to hold myself and letting it long. But here comes the issue, since I have never carried long hair, I don’t really know how to take care of it and lately was looking frizzy and unhealthy, as you can see in my previous post. Iโ€™ve started using my sisters conditioners and serums, but they were just a momentary repair, plus I was concerned about how sustainable and healthy those products are. So I tried the traditional way and the results are AMAZING!!

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