30 Wears. Let’s start the revolution!

March 21, 2017

In 2015 Livia Firth, a well-known fashion activist, started a movement known as #30wears in which she challenges consumers to wear the clothes they buy 30 times or more.

Personally, I have never been a shopaholic and actually using a garment 30 times doesn’t feel like a challenge to me. That is the reason I have chosen this outfit today, I think both pieces are a good example of how to increase the mileage in our wardrobe.

Indigo Style patched jacket with floral shirt dress #30wears

A detailed survey of 1,500 women into fashion habits found the majority of fashion purchases see the light of day just seven times. 

Barbado’s, 2015

The dress is from Muestrarios. I always love this type of shirt dress, I find them very flattering and super comfortable. I love, as well, the beautiful Japanese-inspired print and the dark and wintery color palette. Also in the coming post, I will show you how to wear it in different ways to be able to use it multiple times and get very different outcomes.

Style Indigo Green jacket DIY project

Style Indigo Green jacket with patches. DIY project. Japanese-inspired dress

Style Indigo Japanese-Inspired shirt dress

The jacket is also from Muestrarios and I am completely in love with it! I have it since Christmas and I have already worn it more than 30 times #30wears. I mix it with everything from dresses to jeans, but my favourite version is with a black total-look. But the best of this jacket is that it can be taken as inspiration for plenty of DIY projects. I am sure that there are jackets or jeans in your wardrobe that just need a bit of up-cycling in order for you to love them again. So buy some patches and get creative, while helping to reduce the fashion waste!!

I hope this post inspired you to rethink your wardrobe and up-cycled some of your once loved clothes!

Pictures: Caroline Smith

Jacket – Muestrarios | Dress – Muestrarios | Shoes – Camper + Capara