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A winter paradise!

February 13, 2018

Hi guys! I just come back from Ibiza and I am so excited to share with you my long weekend on the island. Ibiza is one the biggest holiday destination in Europe, known for its legendary wild parties and their hippie residents, but visiting the island during the winter season is a completely different experience! The place is quiet and peaceful, actually most restaurants and shops are close, and during this time of the year the experience revolves around the nature and the energy of the place.

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Saving the rainforest, one hair stick at a time!!

December 19, 2017

Have you heard about circular economy? The circular economy is inspired by nature and the main principle is to reuse all the byproducts (waste products) generated during a manufacturing process. Unfortunately, in our current society is rare and in most cases, production byproducts are considered as waste and discharged. Fortunately for us, more and more people are understanding that natural resources are limited and our current economic system is unsustainable long term.

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First steps to a sustainable wardrobe

November 1, 2017

I spend this weekend with my girlfriends and I was delighted to find out how interested they were about sustainability and how they are all implementing changes in their lives to reduce their carbon footprint. One of them ask me what was the one thing she could do to have a more sustainable wardrobe. Of course, my answer was simple and doable by anyone, let’s start by using what we already have and getting the most usage out of it. Secondly, we can invest in timeless good quality clothes that will last forever, ideally, we should go for a sustainable brand and natural fibre but there are many ways to be sustainable, as explained here

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Why do I use leather

July 27, 2017

Today I am featuring an outfit in which the leather accessories are the main highlight because I want to address this leather topic. Media coverage on the growing use of non-leather products has been embraced by many celebrities and fashion bloggers. I completely understand that many people do not want to use animals products for ethical reasons, neither I want any living being to suffer, but the problem starts when you want the leather look and replace leather with plastic faux-leather.

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The future is here!

July 3, 2017
Worms eating polyethylene and escaping from a plastic bag
CREDIT: César Hernández & Ainhoa Goñi

One of the biggest issues in our current society is the amount of plastic that we produce and waste every year. In 2015 Science magazine published a study in which stating that 8 tonnes of plastic end up in the ocean every year. I can imagine that the number has probably increased since then. Plastic is not biodegradable and will remain on the planet for many centuries, contaminating the land and ocean with its presence and destroying the ozone layer with the release of methane gas during decomposition.

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Weeds in our closet

May 29, 2017

The fashion industry, like any other, is in constant evolution. For the outsiders, the evolution might be just in the colours or the silhouettes. But there is an evolution that might not be that obvious and it is technical and fascinating. This evolution, and sometimes revolution, comes from the textiles development. Until the 20th century, all the fabrics that were available in the market came from natural fibres that humans have been using for centuries, such as cotton, linen or wool. In 1934 Wallace Hume Carothers y J. Hill developed the Nylon, it took a further 4 years before the DuPont Corporation (a chemical company) was able to commercialise the product. After this development, the fashion industry went through a revolution in which new synthetic materials were added into the equation. Almost one century later this synthetic fibres have invaded our wardrobes, like weeds invade your garden. Leaving behind a wake of mass produced, not biodegradable materials.

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What are we doing to paradise?

May 25, 2017

How would you feel, if I tell you that there is a beautiful island in the Pacific Ocean that still remains fully virgin. This island is more than 5.000km away from any populated land and its beauty is so, that in 1988 was added to Unesco’s list of World Heritage Site. The ecosystem is so rich, there are 10 plants and 4 land birds that are local to the island, the sand is white and the sea water is turquoise.

  • Henderson Island in 1988

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